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Hey, Jason's character stealing muneh from gay furries and running away with gold seems oddly fitting ending for this comics.

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[Kabier & Jasonafex] Servants of the Serpent (Complete)

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Is there a version without any dialogue whatsoever?

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[Kabier] A Lesson Learnt

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Look, either makes fun porn and leave out the story, or actually put some god damn effort and time into planning out your story, because you sure as shit can't bullshit a story on the fly to save your life.

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What an awful story, yea this one really wasn't for me, great art as always just become "wait WTF" But. Text in some pages are just so small that I didn't read, then suddenly it.


  1. ohh hell yeahh an then same duo with hotkinkyjo that would be the 2 greatest scenes in porn history!!!