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Repulsed by the stench the woman's corpse lets off, Arthur brushes Lewin's comment about reporting to the Vatican off and instead curses the woman, calling her a Demon.

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Auguste Arthur Angel

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Arthur later bears witness to Mephisto stopping time around the fake Gehenna Gate for a period of four to five months, and is then told that when his spell wears off, the expansion of the Gate will cause a catastrophic disaster.

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Arthur A. Angel

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Proclaiming that he must show off his power as the Paladin and save people from Satan, Arthur jumps from the sandy ledge and draws Caliburn, telling it to awaken and lend him its power.

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Hanging up on her, Arthur turns to the spy and tells him that he can't forgive him for being a traitorous saint, as it tarnishes lock of his hair before bifurcating and killing the great. Note: The anime's version of this arc deviates from the established canon.


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