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Margot held her own opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in the film which announced her arrival as an unndisputed A-list star.

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Suicide Squad: Sexy Margot Robbie's 7 HOTTEST scenes of all time

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Watch her in early action next:.

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Sure, Margot is hotter than hot, but she also displays a broad Aussie sense of humour as she spoofs the iconic scene, which originally starred Christian Bale as creepy Patrick Bateman in the film about a handsome serial killer.

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Her turn as the psychotic long before she sizzled on the big screen, she was working her feminine wiles on the viewers and lucky menfolk of Ramsay Street in Neighbours. But did you know that and disturbingly sexy Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad opposite Jared Leto's Joker is about to propel her into the stratosphere. She is a psychotic, baseball bat-toting supervillain in teeny-tiny shorts and pink and blue pigtails.


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