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Pillows are equally suitable for boys and girls, and making love to a soft pillow can be very pleasureable.

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Pillow Humping 101 for Girls: Give That Pillow a Workout

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In masturbation, ejaculation into thin air may be disappointing, but cumming against your favorite pillow may be very satisfying.

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Pillow humping is also very safe sex, because you cannot catch a STD from your pillow unless you share it with somebody, and you do not need to wear a condom because you cannot get your pillow pregnant.

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If you are a guy, you can thrust between two pillows, the mattress and a pillow, you can fold the pillow and thrust into the groove or wrap the pillow around your penis to make a tube. Jim and Jenna both do pillow humping regularly, but their normal sex life is still. A strange fetish of masturbating with a pillow.


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